"The Maugers" Awards Winners

Belle Vue’s inaugural end-of-season celebration, "The Maugers", held on Saturday night at the National Speedway Stadium and attended by over 200 guests, was a roaring success.

Hosted by BT Sport’s Natalie Quirk, all riders from both trophy-winning teams were in attendance to recount some of their key moments and be recognised for their amazing 2017 achievements.

The many awards dished out by the club’s higher management included:

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces
    ◦    2017 Aces Rider of the Year                                 Kenneth Bjerre
    ◦    Chris Morton Top Points Scorer                            Craig Cook
    ◦    Dent Oliver Team Manager’s Rider of the Year        Kenneth Bjerre
    ◦    Fans' Rider of the Year                                         Dan Bewley
    ◦    Alan Wilkinson Team Man Award                          Steve Worrall

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts
    ◦    Colts Rider of the Year                                         Dan Bewley & Kyle Bickley
    ◦    Eric Broadbelt Top Points Scorer                          Kyle Bickley
    ◦    Fans’ Rider of the Year                                        Jack Smith
    ◦    Williams and Goodwin Team Manager’s Rider of the Year    Kyle Bickley
    ◦    Colts Team Man Award                                       Andy Mellish

Belle Vue Speedway Clubman Award                Andy Mellish
Ron Lowe Volunteers Award                             Chase the Ace
Ivan Mauger Achievement of Excellence            Craig Cook

The club would like to thank fans for their loyal and continuing support throughout the 2017 season, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018.

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Monday 23rd October 2017