Whilst it was very disappointing that we narrowly lost on aggregate in the semi-final playoff to Wolverhampton on Friday 29th September, a small minority of spectators, rather than applaud the efforts of both teams, for what was a fine display of riding, chose to vent their frustration by throwing objects at a rider on the track and by doing so, not only attempted to cause potential injury to that rider, but also had no concern for the damage that their irresponsible actions may have done to the good name of Belle Vue Speedway.

Contrary to comments that have been made on various social media channels, both myself and the club will not accept any acts of abusive, violent and aggressive behaviour.  This is a family friendly sport and one where acts of violence, abusive behaviour or aggression will not be tolerated and anyone found to be acting in this way will be asked to leave the stadium and will be banned from all future fixtures.  We will continue to work with the stadium operators to investigate Friday evenings incident.

We would like to remind all fans that drinks bought in the stadium are only permitted in the stands in plastic cups and that the club prohibits any food and drink being brought into the stadium.  As a result of the actions of a minority on Friday, the club now reserves the right to carry out more detailed searches before entry as, whilst being unfortunate, we aim to do all we can to prevent a repeat of the events of Friday evening.

Speedway is a great sport and the vast majority of our fans enjoy the racing despite the results and will support our team 100% and applaud the good riding of our opposition.  These should be the key values of our support and one which visiting fans acknowledge and appreciate.

Lets get behind and support our Belle Vue teams in the right way.

Adrian Smith
CEO – Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Ltd

Monday 2nd October 2017