Three-Way Battle For NL Dominance

There’s more action at the National Speedway Stadium on Saturday, September 23, when the Cool Running Colts round off their National League campaign against the Eastbourne Eagles.

The two sides have been battling for dominance at the top of the table for a number of weeks, and as things stand the IT First Eagles currently hold a slim 2-point margin over their northern rivals.

Andy Mellish

Victory would also mark the completion of a remarkable league campaign for the Colts as a team undefeated at home; an honour they are hoping to extend into their KOC and league title battles.

But they will have to do it without three of their biggest hitters: Dan Bewley, who is in action for Glasgow, and both Lee Payne and Jack Smith who remain sidelined as a result of injuries.

Team boss Graham Goodwin is confident in his choice of guests, Liam Carr and Ben Wilson who stand in for Bewley and Smith respectively, however and says the Colts have a fighting chance.

He continued: “We’re hoping to complete our campaign at the top of the table. It not only makes a statement about the season you’ve had but it’d also give us choice of opponent in the play offs.

“It’s just a shame that there’s a clash with Glasgow which means we lose Dan but I’m happy with the guests we’re bringing in. Both are strong riders with pretty good records around our track.

“We don’t fear anyone over two legs, and what makes this meeting interesting is that there’s a three-way battle between us, Eastbourne and Kent for that top spot; it’ll be quite the meeting.”

The Rentruck Aces will wrap up their Play Off semi-final against Wolverhampton next week, after first travelling to Monmore Green on September 25 before heading home on September 27.

Tickets for the home leg on Wednesday are available now at and at the stadium box office on race night.


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts
Liam Carr (G), Kyle Bickley, Lee Payne R/R, Rob Shuttleworth (C), Ben Wilson (G), Andy Mellish, Luke Woodhull; TM: Graham Goodwin & Steve Williams

Eastbourne ‘IT First’ Eagles

Jake Knight; Tom Brennan; Georgie Wood (C), Charley Powell, Josh Bailey, Jamie Halder, Matt Bates; TM: Connor Dugard

Photo - Ian Charles

Saturday 23rd September 2017