Elemental Onslaught Claims Semi-Final

It’s not often these days that the weather wins out in Manchester, but Belle Vue will have to wait until next Wednesday, September 27, to face reigning champions Wolverhampton on home turf.

The first leg of their play off semi-final was due to take place at the National Speedway Stadium on Monday before heavy rain washed out the track and threatened to cause chaos with visibility.

The decision to postpone came just before 7pm - mutually agreed between both teams, meeting officials and BT Sport officials - as the torrents unmercifully battered much of the North West.

It now means that the Rentruck Aces will commence their play off campaign at Monmore Green on September 25, while the Swindon Robins entertain Poole in the second half of their semi-final.

But while the immediate reaction was frustration, club asset Steve Worrall says there could be no other decision than that which was made and that this switcheroo may be a blessing in disguise.

He said: “We’ve had plenty of meetings here under difficult circumstances and we’ve negotiated  some very tricky weather in the past, but unfortunately conditions were just too far gone this time.

“The track was so wet and the rain was unabating. This is such an important meeting for both teams and to have even attempted to race would’ve been too risky and not great for the cameras.

“We want to give the fans and all the viewers the best meeting we can so I think the right decision was made, and to be honest we’re just as pumped up about having Monmore as the first leg.

“We can go there with no pressure on our shoulders. We know and ride their track very well so this could very much work in our favour. We just need to pray for some better weather next week.

“It’s frustrating when all the boys are here and ready to race but it is what it is. We’ve still work to do this week so we need to put this behind us and focus on our match with Swindon on Friday.”

The home leg of Belle Vue’s play off semi-final with Wolves will now take place on September 27, while Swindon travel to Manchester on September 22 for leg 2 of their KOC clash with the Aces.

Tickets are available now by clicking here and at the stadium box office on race night.



Tuesday 19th September 2017