Injury-Ravaged Colts Fight To The End

The Belle Vue Colts refused to throw in the towel in their 56-34 defeat at the hands of the Cradley Heathens, even though they were reduced to a five-man team after just three heats.

The visitors began the evening one additional man short after Dan Bewley withdrew from the meeting as a result of an earlier injury sustained during the Rentruck Aces’ battle with Wolves.

Jon Armstrong & Tom Perry

Guest Jon Armstrong therefore shifted his substitute duties to the No.1 spot while former Cool Running Colts No.8 Ben Woodhull stepped up at the eleventh hour to cover for Kyle Bickley.

And despite being slightly under power, the Mancunians got off to a commendable start against a powerful Cradley side with only four points separating the two teams after four heats.

But the bad luck gremlins struck again after Rob Shuttleworth came down in his first ride and was withdrawn from the meeting after suffering a back injury following a shunt from Joe Lawlor.

Even though they were down to just five men, the Cool Running colts soldiered on and though victory was far from their grasp, team boss Graham Goodwin expressed his pride in his side.

He said: “We had a nightmare start after Dan Bewley was withdrawn on medical grounds, and then Rob Shuttleworth suffering a similar fate after just one outing so things were very tough.

“Luckily for both Dan and Rob, the injuries appear superficial and nothing a good bit of rest won’t set right, but of course it hurt us in the long run because Cradley proved too strong for us.

“Yet even despite the uphill battle we had ahead of us, the boys approached the meeting with determination and just got on with the job at hand and as a manager, you can’t ask for more.

“It was a big ask of them to go out and beat Cradley on home turf with only five riders, knowing full well that they were fighting for their play off place, but we never once threw in the towel.

“We just need to write this off as a bad night. We’re already comfortably in the play offs ourselves and I think that, with our full septet, we could easily have given them a run for their money.”

Time is running out for the Rentruck Aces to add to their Premiership tally as they get set to host the Rye House Rockets on Wednesday August 30. Tickets available now at or from the Stadium Ticket Office.


Cradley ’Motor Market’ Heathens 56
Tom Perry 15, Joe Lawlor 13+1, Conor Dwyer 12+4, Connor Coles 9+1, Luke Harris 7+1, Lewis Whitmore 0, Richard Hall R/R

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 34
Jon Armstrong 12+2, Jack Smith 12, Andy Mellish 6+2, Luke Woodhull 4+1, Rob Shuttleworth 0, Ben Woodhull 0, Lee Payne R/R.

Tuesday 29th August 2017