No Consolation For Ace Effort

A frustrating Bank Holiday Monday saw Belle Vue headed home to Manchester empty handed, despite two valiant performances against close rivals Poole Pirates and Wolverhampton Wolves.

The day commenced with an early morning trip to Wimborne Road Stadium where the Rentruck Aces were targeting an encore of some of their most recent performances in Dorset.

And events looked promising as they pulled back a 10-point deficit to established a small cushion over the Volvo Cars Pirates in Heat 10. But the hosts had very different ideas to the visitors.

An immediate response in the next race resulted in the home team taking the advantage once again, with the Rentruck Aces unable to react to prevent their eventual defeat on the south coast.

Club asset Steve Worrall said: “It would’ve been nice to get something for our trouble. We put everything we had into both meetings so to come away with nothing is incredibly frustrating.

“We knew it’d be a much tougher match after the way Poole have strengthened up lately, and I think Timo Lahti at reserve was the difference that ultimately cost us in the end.

“We just didn’t have the luck. Mid-meeting it looked like we were headed for a favourable result but it wasn’t to be, and it’s made us more determined to turn things around on Wednesday.”

Steve Worrall leads Rory Schlein & Jacob Thorsell

The second of their two bank holiday clashes pit Belle Vue against Wolverhampton, a side they had recently dominated in Manchester and whose track they have been noted to ride well.

After dashing north from their battle with Poole, the Rentruck Aces started strongly against the reigning champions, holding them in a tight deadlock until breaking ground and pulling away.

But like the Pirates earlier that day, the Parrys International Wolves were not prepared to let the visitors run amok and bit back with tenacious ferocity to seal the win, and three league points.

Team boss Mark Lemon said: “It’s been a wake-up call for us, but the issues of today are not unknown and easy to fix; Kenneth Bjerre will be on fresh engines come our next home meeting.

“I feel for the boys not getting any kind of consolation, especially after making such a strong start against the Wolves early on in the meeting. Unfortunately, they responded with equal strength.

“The Premiership is a tough competition and I don’t think we expected anything less from the reigning champions. We’ve just got to regroup and recharge ahead of Rye House on Wednesday.”

Two fixtures remain for the Rentruck Aces to add to their Premiership tally as they get set to host the Rye House Rockets on Wednesday August 30. Tickets available now at from the Stadium Ticket Office.


Poole ‘Volvo Cars’ Pirates 53
Timo Lahti 13+1, Hans Andersen 11, Brady Kurtz 8+2, Edward Kennett 7+2, Jack Holder 7, James Shanes 4+2, Paul Starke 3

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 40
Steve Worrall 16, Craig Cook 10, Rohan Tungate 8+2, Dan Bewley 3+1, Kenneth Bjerre 3+1, Jack Smith 0, Max Fricke R/R


Wolverhampton Wolves 49
Fredrik Lindgren 15, Rory Schlein 10+1, Jacob Thorssell 9+2, Kyle Howarth 5, Sam Masters 5, Mark Riss 4+1, Nathan Greave 1+1

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 41

Craig Cook 12, Rohan Tungate 9+2, Steve Worrall 9, Dan Bewley 6+2, Jack Smith 3+1, Kenneth Bjerre 2+1, Max Fricke R/R

Photo - Ian Charles

Tuesday 29th August 2017