Poole 53 Belle Vue 40

The Belle Vue 'Rentruck' Aces have lost their Premiership meeting at Poole today 53-40.

Pirates: Timo Lahti 13+1, Hans Andersen 11, Brady Kurtz 8+2, Edward Kennett 7+2, Jack Holder 7, James Shanes 4+2, Paul Starke 3.

Aces: Steve Worrall 16, Craig Cook 10, Rohan Tungate 8+2, Kenneth Bjerre 3+1, Dan Bewley 3+1, Jack Smith 0, Max Fricke R/R.

The Aces now travel to Wolverhampton where both Belle Vue teams will be riding this evening.  First the Aces take on the Wolves (6pm), this will be followed by Cradley v Belle Vue 'Cool Running' Colts.

Monday 28th August 2017